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The M Way

Designing and developing solutions to user’s problems is what we do best here at M. Our services, lean methodology and general awesomeness lend themselves to achieving this goal. Fast!

Product Design

We kick all of our projects off with the M workshop. This is the discovery phase of the project. We work with you to truly understand what we are building, why we are building it and who we are building it for. At the end of the workshop, you will have a prototype to play with and test with potential customers.


In order to fully understand the problem we are trying to solve, we conduct research on how a potential product will sit within the market. We define potential customers and demographics, ensuring that we build a product that is truly solving the problem.

User Experience Design & Wireframes

Here we are solely focused on the user and their journey. Together with our client, we define the tasks and workflows we would like them to accomplish within the product. Wireframing allows us to visualise how the product will flow. Great experience = Happy User!

User Interface Design

Once we know the product will solve a problem, we get to work on the look. Using your company’s branding, we create beautiful user interfaces for the product. Our designers create fully responsive designs, which means the product will look great on all screen sizes.


Using industry standard tools, we create an interactive prototype of the product. This gives us a sense of how the product will function. We’ll even put it on your phone to play with on the go. Boom!


A product needs a rock solid foundation to allow it to scale easily, maintainable and secure. We leverage the latest web technologies to allow us to move quickly whilst writing high quality code.

iOS & Android

We love native mobile applications. We build both iOS and Android applications in-house and tend to shy away from third-party platforms. It allows us to adopt the latest technologies when they are released and build some pretty jaw dropping applications.

Frontend Development

Taking those beautiful designs and translating them into responsive web views can be difficult but no match for the framework Bootstrap. Bootstrap allows us to build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web with the world's most popular front-end component library. It's pretty epic.

Ruby on Rails

Our experience has thought us that leveraging the open source framework Ruby on Rails allows us to bring our clients products to market quickly and with rock solid quality. The Ruby on Rails community allows us to move quickly, leveraging open source components and high security standards.


Our job doesn’t just end after launch. We want the product to grow into a successful, profitable product. To do this, we listen to the users and monitor activity within the product. By validating our assumptions, we can respond to user needs and iterate quickly.

Listen to the user

We use feedback from real users to find out how we can improve upon what we have accomplished in the initial phases of the project. Listening to your users is the secret to success.


The workflows we defined in the design phase were based on our assumptions of how the user will use the product. Once live, we can see if the users are having trouble with the flow and where exactly that is happening. By validating assumptions, we can iterate quickly and make it easier for them to complete their goal.

Let's do launch!

See what we did there? But, seriously, get in touch with us and we can go grab a coffee. We can’t wait to hear all about your idea!!

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