Our Core values

We believe in challenging traditional models, being completely transparent and paving our own path forward for ourselves and our clients.


Speaking your mind is appreciated here at MiniCorp. Being honest with one and other allows us to stay on the same page and build great relationships.


Being upfront with the entire team is super important here at MiniCorp. Got a win? Put it out there. Messed up? Definitely put it out there and help us all learn.


Passion is the first thing we look for at MiniCorp. This drive to be the best that you can be is a MiniCorper’s most important trait.


We never stand still at MiniCorp. With the industry we live in, we encourage and support consistent growth and upskilling.


All work and no play makes Jack makes a dull boy. We work hard but we also know when to let the hair down and have some fun. Sometimes a little too much 🤪


We love to think outside the box and try things that aren’t considered the norm. We encourage exploration and intuition.

The Team

Meet the creative minds behind MiniCorp

CEO & Founder
Brian Kenny

Brings fashion and style to the office alongside a dazzling personality.

Head of Design
Andrew McDonagh

Will talk about football or video games all day if you let him.

Alan Haverty

A lover of surfing and home automation technology. A loving cat-dad.

Head of Product
Clark Wickstone

Need to know something about music or movies? Clark is your guy!

Senior Product Engineer
Sriram Krishnan

Loves solving complex problems. But only one at a time.

Product Manager
Paula Pruteanu

Keeps the well oiled machine that is MiniCorp moving. A loving cat-mom.

Product Engineer
Laaveniya Kirubaharan

Hard working, dedicated and smart as heck! Keeps this show on the road!

Product Engineer
Sachin Bapure

Solving problems, innovating and, generally, being the coolest guy in the office.