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MiniCorp Reviews: Sonos

Listening to music has become a way of life for a lot of people and is definitely a huge part of our day. Whether we are at home, driving, commuting, studying, walking, or working, we always tend to have our Spotify on the go or the radio on. For this reason, this week’s review will be about a product »

The MiniCorp Workshop: Our Design Process

Every design agency in the world has their own process when it comes to designing and producing great products. At MiniCorp, we are no different to everyone else. We have spent years refining our process and the best way for us to consistently ship stellar products for our clients. In this blog post, we will detail each step in our »

Ruby on Rails is a Gem

Here at Minicorp we use the Ruby on Rails web application framework for the majority of our client projects. The beauty of the Rails framework is the amount of quality open source gems that are at our disposal. The gems listed below are just a handful of the ones that we love and use the most, either for their simplicity »

MiniCorp Reviews: Headspace

At MiniCorp, we highly value focus. We only take one large product on at a time to allow input from all of our team members. This dedicated team focus allows us to understand the challenge, the product and what we need to accomplish in the first iteration in order to successfully launch it. In today's world, information is everywhere and »

From Design to Development

I always look at products as icebergs: the end user only gets to see 1/10 of it, while the bulk is buried deep down. And, while the process of creating a product is a journey that starts with an idea and ends with a useful tool, it has different stops along the way that forge the product. On a »