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The MiniCorp Top 5 UI Countdown

Hey everyone! I’m Andy, I am the Product Designer here at MiniCorp. In this monthly blog series, I am going to list and share my thoughts on my Top 5 favourite UI/Interactions/Designs from the past month. Hope you enjoy 👌 1: Fluid Slider by Virgil Pana @virgil_pana I like this interaction because of it’s benefit to »

My First Month as a Product Designer @ MiniCorp

The Road So Far…. When I landed my first job in design, the joy was so overwhelming that I thought I might be brought back down to earth once I started. Maybe the role would be too demanding for someone without a lot of experience in the industry. Perhaps I wouldn’t get on with the people I will be »

Implementing Zeplin at MiniCorp

Throughout my time searching for Product Design jobs, one question always arose in interviews: “Have you any experience collaborating with/handing off designs to developers?”. It was very early in my design career and I had very little experience in this area. With all these companies making such a big deal about this, I expected the process of handing off »

I Need a Passionate Marketer

I need someone who understands the power of telling a story. That understands that the battle on launching a successful product is won or lost depending on how the story is told. Someone who is passionate and creative about how they tell that story and believes in a world of limitless potential. You just have to unlock yourself first. I’ »

The MiniCorp Q&A & Launching The Podcast

In December 2016, I made a conscious decision to go all in on video. I knew that if our agency was to be noticed amongst the crowd we must not only create exception products but exceptional content also. We believe in being an honest, open and transparent agency. The Q&A series provides a channel for us to take »