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Yamo - Organic snacks for children

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    Create a bespoke subscription flow for Yamo customers that is easy to understand and manage.

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We helped shape and design the new Yamo subscription flow

Baby food 2.0

The baby food industry has faced a lot of disruption in recent years. Thanks to the wealth of information and advice now freely available, parents now spend more time educating themselves on health and nutrition for their children.

As such, more time is now spent preparing home cooked meals for babies and young children instead of relying on established and trusted baby food brands. Some of these trusted brands hadn’t innovated in decades and are creating baby food with a longer shelf life than the age of the child eating it.

Swiss entrepreneurs José, Tobi and Luca, founded Yamo to bring some much needed innovation to the industry and create a new and healthier alternative. Using cold press technology, Yamo foods are fresher and more nutrient rich than their competitor’s products.

How Yamo met MiniCorp

Tens of thousands of happy parents later, Yamo had developed a strong foothold in their home market of Switzerland and were ready to expand elsewhere. Yamo identified early how their website and ecommerce experience would play a key role in the success of their continued growth.

On the back of the work completed previously for MiniCorp's partners, Butternut Box, Yamo reached out to MiniCorp to help transform their digital product. With many parents of young children making up the majority of the team, MiniCorp were already fans of Yamo and their brand, especially their product names (Heidi Plum and Mango No. 5, we love a good pun).

From the aisles to the internet

As a baby food product, Yamo stands out in-store. All other baby food products sit on a room temperature shelf, whereas most of Yamo’s products sit inside a branded fridge, emphasising their freshness. The value proposition is clear and parents are able to experience the product first hand while importantly, reading the label on the back.

The challenge given to MiniCorp was to find ways to give that same experience digitally in markets where consumers are more reluctant to shop online.

A smorgasbord of ideas

To begin, Yamo and MiniCorp worked closely together to hone the product strategy. Yamo had a wealth of information in terms of customer feedback and initial market research which MiniCorp continued, performing a competitor analysis and looking further into the ecommerce habits of consumers for the territories Yamo was looking to enter across Europe.

Combining the findings, MiniCorp and Yamo created a smorgasbord of ideas. The digital product now had clear objectives. Put Yamo’s value proposition front and centre, make all nutritional information easily available and offer a variety of ways to pay and receive the Yamo products.

Benefits front and centre

With the strategy now in place the ball was firmly in the court of the MiniCorp design team. They began to work through the objectives, transforming them into a series of wireframes and features that would inform the finished product.

Trust was identified as a key attribute to winning over new customers. Information on the health benefits of Yamo’s products were now given more weight on the homepage and specific nutritional info could be located more easily on the store.

Growing needs

Young children grow quickly and so do their dietary needs. With this in mind, we developed a system that allowed Yamo to recommend products based on their child’s development stage and taste preferences.

Favourite products could also be easily grouped into a recurring subscription box that could be purchased using a bunch of new and flexible payment options. These features offered loyal customers a hassle free way to receive their favourite products for better value.

Beauty meets function

Yamo’s new website is both beautiful and functional. With improved navigation, flexibility on purchase options and nutritional information placed front and centre, Yamo are in a strong position to build further trust with their customers and continue their incredible growth journey.

Build it right

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Client testimonial coming soon!!

Luca Michas
Co-Founder and CMO at Yamo

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