Client Success Story

Vesta - A New Way To Rent

  • Industry

    Property Management

  • Location

    Dublin, Ireland

  • Goals

    Create a platform for renters to apply for and manage their leases.

  • Type


Products Launched
Native Applications, Web Application

We launched the Vesta apps on Web, iOS, Android simultaneously.

The rental situation in Dublin is far from ideal!

Finding a place to live in Dublin is both difficult and incredibly stressful. Apartments are expensive, hard to come by and often times low in quality. Prospective tenants regularly find themselves queuing up to view a place and racing between viewings.

Twinlite were determined to solve this by introducing luxury apartments that could be applied for and managed all through an app and website, Vesta living.

The clock is ticking!

With the building launching in just a few short months, Twinlite were going to need the technology to support their innovative plan. This tech would need to allow prospective tenants to virtually view the apartments, apply, and sign a lease while allowing Twinlite to manage all of the applications and administration.

A perfect partnership.

Bringing technical expertise to the table, MiniCorp partnered with Twinlite to develop the Vesta Living app and website. Through a series of workshops, MiniCorp helped Twinlite create a project roadmap highlighting key deadlines and objectives along with a clear vision of their end product.

MiniCorp design and development teams were able to create a beautiful, functional website and app through the strength of this vision. A companion app was also developed that would allow tenants to book community spaces and organise events in the Vesta buildings.

Optimising for further growth.

Post the launch of the initial build MiniCorp ran a thorough analysis of the Vesta website and users. This analysis was then converted into a series of optimisations that would improve the user journey, remove pain points for Twinlite and allow them to target their marketing more effectively.

I love it when a plan comes together!

The launch of Vesta Living was a complete success and received glowing feedback from both Twinlite and their customers. Twinlite now have an innovative and scalable platform ready to roll out on all of their future builds.

Build it right

Whether you are looking to build a new website, app or grow what you already have, you’ll want to partner with a digital product agency who will share your drive and enthusiasm to make the best product possible.

At MiniCorp, we build exceptional digital products and experiences. We don't just build products that work, we build products that thrive.

“We hired MiniCorp to create a new real estate platform. They took our idea and brought it to life quickly, while adding enormous value to the product through their thoughtful consideration of the problem we were trying to solve for. We would recommend them without any hesitation.”

Rick Larkin
Executive Director, Twinlite/Vesta

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