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Sanctifly - Travel Well

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    To enable frequent travellers to maintain their physical and mental health

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We launched the Sanctifly app on both iOS and Android simultaneously.

Understanding The Frequent Traveler

The world of the frequent traveller can often be fast-paced, long hours and stressful. They are methodical in their packing and can breeze through security with operational excellence. They have fine-tuned skills like being able to determine the most efficient line at passport control or where in JFK sells the best coffee.

Between destinations, they must deliver excellent presentations that would leave the rest of us, mere mortals, for dust. They are optimized, ready to perform and taking their next journey when most of us are cuddling our teddybears at night.

Sanctifly helps these travelling superheroes by providing access to hundreds of health and wellness activities at airports. Like athletes, the frequent traveller must nourish their body with quality food and exercise. Sanctifly helps them to discover what healthy activities are available around you and provides you with access to them.

Bringing Sanctifly to life

Our initial challenge was to submerge ourselves in the world of the frequent traveller. This fast-paced, high anxiety environment is fueled by short time bursts. To help discover what facilities are available, we needed to categorize the inventory by time, category and mood.

If you only have less than an hour available, we have something for you. If you are looking for a lounge to relax in and eat something, just take the next left and here is your pass to show at the reception. If you’re feeling energetic, here is a swimming pool that’s only 10 minutes away.

The list of available activities and facilities available on Sanctifly was fantastic, we just needed to organise the UI in a beautiful, intuitive way that would allow the frequent traveller to discover and book seamlessly.

A Digital & Physical Experience

Sanctifly is broken down into physical and digital experiences. With hundreds of facilities and activities to choose from, there are also video and text articles for the frequent traveller to choose from.

Ranging from “15 healthy snacks that are perfect for travelling” to “Breaking Your Bad Travel Habits”, Sanctifly are on a mission to arm the frequent traveller with the best knowledge and information to keep them fit, healthy and ready to take on the world.

Build it right

Looking to transform your brick-and-mortar store into a beautifully designed digital product? Then let's have a conversation and explore all of the fantastic ways we can help make it happen.

At MiniCorp, we build exceptional digital products and experiences. We don't just build products that work, we build products that thrive.

If you’d like to partner with us to build and grow your digital product contact our strategy team today.

“MiniCorp took a vested interest in us from the start. First working hard to understand our goals and then challenging and contributing to our design ideas. Working closely with our inhouse designers, they led the App design, completely changing our customer journey to a considerably better experience. The design and development of the App, was completed on budget and at an exceptional pace. The whole Sanctifly community are delighted with the results, with 'wow!' being a common response from customers.”

Karl Llewellyn
Founder, Sanctifly

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