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Quadio - The Creative College Network

  • Industry

    Social Media

  • Location

    New York, U.S.A

  • Goals

    Create a platform where young creatives in college can share their work and collaborate all in one space.

  • Type


Products Launched
Native Applications

We launched the Quadio app on both iOS and Android simultaneously.

Quadio is born

Quadio first began as an idea in the apartment of music fanatics and step-cousins, Joe Welch and Marcus Welch.  Their dream was to create a community where like minded young creatives could find each other and collaborate on their music and art.

Over the next two years, Quadio built a loyal and talented following of college creatives from across the US on the first version of their app. Their team was also growing, recruiting Miranda Martell their current CEO (and closeted song writer). On top of this, they also launched their own label, Quadio Records, to jump start the careers of the amazing musicians in the Quadio community.

After two years of consistent growth, the Quadio team realised they were going to need a new and improved version of their app to better meet the needs of their users and take Quadio, as a whole, to the next level.

Want to collab?

MiniCorp and Quadio first met in the spring of 2021 and instantly hit it off. MiniCorp as a team is littered with music enthusiasts and musicians so naturally there was a lot to talk about. MiniCorp was naturally drawn to Quadio’s crystal clear vision and was incredibly impressed with the amazing brand and community they had built so far.

After an initial series of workshops, the decision was made that Quadio’s app would have to be rebuilt from the ground up. The new app would be a feature rich, social media app for both iOS and Android that would support the growth of the Quadio community and fully actualise Marcus and Joe’s original vision.

The challenge? It would have to be ready in time for the upcoming school year.

Social first

During the design phase, MiniCorp and Quadio’s teams worked very closely together to reimagine social media as we all know it. Our aim was to move away from some of the more competitive and negative attributes that other social media platforms can be known for.

Our aim was to put the focus back on the parts of social media that make it, well, social! We set about creating a safe, open and fun environment for Quadio’s users to connect and collaborate with each other.

Desire lines

Using the product road map and vision created in the design phase, the MiniCorp engineering team identified the best technologies to bring Quadio to life. With a bespoke react-native build at its core, some best in class 3rd party solutions were also identified to help manage budget and timelines. The engineering phase was now under way.

It was estimated that the engineering phase would take months. Lines of communication between all teams remained strong during this phase to ensure that development stayed on track and that key product decisions could be made swiftly and clearly.

MiniCorp also worked closely with Quadio during the engineering phase on implementing the tools and identified the KPIs needed to properly measure product growth.

The launch

The new Quadio app launched exclusively for its original community in September 2022 before being made available to everyone a month later. This month allowed us to receive feedback from Quadio’s most dedicated users and further iterate on the app ahead of it’s full launch.

From October through to December, the MiniCorp and Quadio teams worked very closely together, providing weekly updates to the app that added many user-requested tweaks along with a multitude of massive features.

The feedback on the app was overwhelmingly positive as Quadio’s community and user base quickly began to grow.

Celebrate good times

After spending hundreds of hours working together, the Quadio and MiniCorp teams finally met in person when MiniCorp ventured across the Atlantic to attend the official launch party in New York City.

MiniCorp and Quadio celebrated together. They had built a truly exceptional, world class, social media app. But more than that, they created the foundations of a long lasting partnership that we’ll see continue to grow into the future.

Let’s go!

Build it right

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MiniCorp came highly recommended to us by a major CEO, but they exceeded even the very high expectations he had set. With great insight and constant open communication, MiniCorp joined us as if they were our own in-house team, adding enormous value to every activity, from product design, to engineering, to go-to-market strategy. We couldn’t have launched and grown Quadio without them.

Suzy Welch
CEO at Quadio

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