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Coffeeangel - Brew the perfect cup

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    Food & Beverage

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    Create an online store to meet the new increased demand for online orders while offering a fantastic eCommerce experience.

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Products Launched
Shopify Store

We launched Coffeangel's new Shopify store in the lead up to Christmas 2020

How it started

Founded by Karl Purdy in 2003, Coffeeangel started as a harbourside coffee cart that has since grown into one of Dublin's most adored purveyors of fine coffee. Now with five stores across the city centre, Coffeeangel are known and admired for their warm atmosphere, talented and friendly staff along with their unique range of beautiful, best of season coffee beans.

Increased demand

With a large and devoted social media following and an online store that was beginning to blossom, Coffeeangel were no strangers to conducting their business online but disruptions caused by COVID, that left their retail locations closed for several months, placed a hurried importance on developing their website and online shop further.

Coffeeangel needed a website that would meet the new increased demand for online orders while offering their customers an e-commerce experience that better reflected the fantastic in store experience.

Brick-&-mortar to online order

As long-term fans of their coffee, we were delighted to have the opportunity to work with Coffeeangel. Through a series of workshops, we worked together to understand better the Coffeeangel brand, their customers and possible ways we could improve on their existing website.

Over two sessions, both teams brainstormed ways to translate the experience of their brick-and-mortar locations into a digital experience that their customers would love.

Less is more

Using the strong product foundations established during the workshop the MiniCorp design team set about restructuring the navigation of the website while simplifying and optimising how users can interact with the store and product pages.

The result was a clean, paired back site design that was both functional and user friendly. Less tabs on the front page and more ways to filter and view products on the store make the new site a joy to navigate.

Subscribe and save

After reviewing the analytics from Coffeeangel’s existing site, it was clear that they had a loyal base of repeat customers. A coffee and filter subscription feature was designed for the new site that would offer these repeat customers better value and an improved experience.

Pride in simplicity

We take pride in simplicity. Avoiding bespoke builds and suggesting off-the-shelf e-commerce solutions, such as Shopify, helped lower costs and increase the capacity for integrations and additional features.

Our engineering team worked closely with Coffeeangel during every stage of the build to ensure that the final product would match their hopes and expectations perfectly.Let it be known

Let it be known

It's not enough to just "Build it" and hope that "they will come". What’s the point of building and launching an amazing new product if nobody hears about it? With this in mind we set about creating a marketing strategy with Coffeeangel that would draw their loyal and existing fanbase to their new online store.

We identified a structure for a launch campaign that involved promotions, newsletters, social media posts and ad content to help get the word out.

Lights, camera, action!

Combining our in-house video production skills with Karl’s media savvy and presentation skills we set about writing, directing, shooting and editing a series of videos to use as content on the new site and help promote it on social media.

The brew guide series featured Karl Purdy offering top tips on home brewing, equipment advice and a detailed explainer on the origins of coffee.The proof is in the pudding

The proof is in the pudding

Coffeeangel launched their new website in December 2020 right as the Christmas rush was in full effect. Proven by analytics, Coffeeangel’s new site was an instant success. Customers flocked to the new platform and took advantage of the new features, all with stellar conversion rates.

Build it right

Looking to transform your brick-and-mortar store into a beautifully designed digital product? Then let's have a conversation and explore all of the fantastic ways we can help make it happen.

At MiniCorp, we build exceptional digital products and experiences. We don't just build products that work, we build products that thrive.

If you’d like to partner with us to build and grow your digital product contact our strategy team today.

Client testimonial coming soon!!

Karl Purdy
CEO and Founder of Coffeeangel

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