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UX Training is a online learning tool to help teach the best user experience practices. When Colman approached us to help build UX Training into a video learning platform, we completely fell in love with the idea

Uxt laptop1

80+ training videos. And counting

As the brand states, UX Training lives and breathes user experience. This meant the app had to adhere to all of the user experience principles. Every detail was thought about, wire-framed and executed to pixel perfection.

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UX is changing software. Join the revolution.

UX Training is only at the start of their journey. With more modules, videos and the ability to chat with other users within the discussion forums — this is just the beginning. This was an extremely enjoyable and educational project for us at MiniCorp. Jump on over to UX Training and start learning!

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80+ training videos. And counting

“I love MiniCorp. Attitude, quality and attention to detail. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Highly recommended”

— Colman Walsh, UX Training

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