The Wine Club, Reimagined

Behind Popped is a dedicated team of Irish wine experts and connoisseurs meaning you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy amazing wine.

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Often we love wine but you don’t understand it. Never easy to find the wine you like. With Popped the best wines for you are shipped from the wine grower to your door every month.

The best way to discover exceptional wines

Popped selections are an opportunity to discover three amazing wines every month. These wines come directly from vineyards and authentic winemakers.

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To discover one own taste in wine

Finally, Popped gets it - Wine is complicated, Popped makes it simple. With Popped, you can refine your tastes and then later receive the wines you like without fail. Only downside is that you will now always insist to choose the wines at the restaurant!

Your very own sommelier in your pocket

Popped app is like a sommelier at home, this is your guarantee of fun and authenticity. Tasting tricks, ratings, wine growers stories, it’s all there. Popped wine growers get it too, they love to share their passion, vineyard and stories.

The best prices for your wines

Popped members can enjoy special prices to buy the wines they loved.

Be part of something fun

Through our social networks and Popped events, come and share with those who love food, wine and life.

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